Your donation supports the ever-expanding TraffickCam hotel room and law enforcement databases used to locate and rescue victims – many as young as 13 years old.

At Exchange Initiative, we’re committed to protecting all children and providing critical tools and resources to help put an end to sex trafficking. But we can’t do it alone.

Did you know sex trafficking is a billion-dollar business? And, like any other business, there is supply and demand. Sadly, however, the supply is sex and the demand is children—both girls and boys.

We urgently need your support to prevent these children from being bought and sold like commodities. TraffickCam, the free anti-trafficking smartphone app that has taken social media, the traveling public and the tech world by storm is a powerful tool in this fight!

Your tax deductible donation will:

  • Ongoing development of TraffickCam mobile app and law enforcement database to identify hotel room locations and locate victims
  • Resources and networking to fight sex trafficking
  • Educational resources to empower individuals, the hotel/travel industry and groups in the fight against sex trafficking

Your donation, made through our partnership with the St. Louis Community Foundation, assures that your gift maximizes charitable tax deductions.