92,846 Apps Downloaded!

We are excited to announce that 92,846 TraffickCam apps have been downloaded in just over 4 months! The response from people across the US and the globe who want to do something to fight trafficking has been amazing! Together we are making a difference!…

Androidapps.com: An app for stopping crime – TraffickCam

We start to get used to that there are apps existing literally for everything. There are apps to do sports, to loose weight, for messaging your friends, for taking, editing and sharing photos. They are all undoubtedly useful, but you might didn’t know that some developers aimed for an even …

PBS NOVA: How Artificial Intelligence Can Stop Sex Trafficking

Tracking Down Traffickers
For Matt Osborne, finding exploited children typically starts with a walk on the beach, and it ends with hands cuffed behind his back. It’s almost always the same—Osborne and a few friends travel somewhere that’s known for sex tourism and walk along the beach or hang in

Futurity: Upload hotel photos to help fight sex trafficking

During the past decade, law enforcement agencies across the country have confronted the alarming trend of sex trafficking. The crimes often take place in hotel rooms, with perpetrators widely sharing photos of the victims online.

Researchers are using science to fight back, developing a high-tech approach to combat the sex …

Washington Post: An incredibly simple way your phone may help save sex trafficked children

by Colby Itkowitz

Human traffickers commonly advertise children for sex using explicit pictures taken from inside hotel rooms. These photos are easy to find on the Internet. The challenge for law enforcement is figuring out where the photos were taken.

That’s where the general public may now be able to …

Tech Crunch: You can help stop human trafficking with the TraffickCam app

By Haje Jan Kamps

In a world where the phrase “oh god, not another app” often springs to mind, along with “Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you want to make a world a better place” TraffickCam is a blast of icy-fresh air.

TraffickCam is an app developed by the Exchange Initiative, …

Fast Company: You’ve Been Deputized: Help The Police Nab Sex Traffickers

By Ben Paynter

The problem with Internet-based sex trafficking is that police can often see their victims being advertised but not actually locate them in the real world. Instead, they’re left with an image of person trapped in some anonymous hotel room. The result is both devastating and incredibly hard …

India Today: With TraffickCam, fight against trafficking could become easier.

By Hemul Goel

A vacation often leaves our phones full of pictures that have no meaning besides clogging our phone’s already-full memory. However, with TraffickCam, the pictures of your hotel room might be able to help save the life of a victim of sex trafficking.

With traffickers posting pictures of …

Huffington Post: You Could Help Save A Trafficking Victim’s Life With Your Hotel Room Pic

Just snapping a photo of your hotel room the next time you go on vacation could help save a trafficking victim.

Human trafficking is the world’s fastest growing crime, and victims who are exploited for sex aren’t just getting victimized in unsuspecting homes and closed off backrooms.


Hotels are …

LIP TV 2: TraffickCam App Takes on Human Trafficking

A new app named TraffickCam is attempting to fight human trafficking with crowdsourced photos of hotel rooms. TraffickCam asks its users to take four photos of the insides of hotel rooms they’re staying in. The goal is to create a national database that will help authorities to identify where images …